Milton Keynes

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What to expect

If you haven't been to see me before, it will be necessary to carry out a consultation to establish why you're looking for treatment and which treatment is appropriate for you.  This consultation will be carried out online via Telehealth.  I will email you a health questionnaire for you to complete prior to the online consultation.  This session will take no longer than 30 minutes, during which time we will book in your physical appointment, which will be 30 minutes.  The day before your physical appointment I will send you a Covid screening questionnaire.  This must be completed and returned prior to your appointment, otherwise it cannot take place.

I will be wearing a visor, mask, and apron and will wear gloves for your treatment (don't worry, you won't notice them).  Please note that toilet facilities will not be available at either location, so make sure you go before you arrive.

Manor Road

Please wear a mask to attend your appointment.  This is in line with the guidance issued by the government on 8th August 2020.  On arrival at Manor Road, please ring the doorbell.  This will have been cleaned with sanitising wipes prior to your arrival.  Please go straight into the treatment room without touching anything.  There is a hand sanitiser dispenser on the right as you go through the door.  Please sanitise your hands.  I will then take your temperature with a contactless thermometer.  

There will be a plastic container by the treatment couch for all your belongings and your clothes (please leave your underwear on.  No pants = no treatment).  Once your belongings are in the container, please put the lid on and get onto the couch.

After your treatment, please leave everything on the couch.  I will dispose of everything used safely once you have left.  Payment can be made in advance either by bank transfer, or I can send you a payment link.  I will also be taking contactless payments in person if you'd rather.  Please do not touch anything on your way out, I will open the doors for you.


Please do not enter the building prior to your appointment time.  You may wait in the car park and I will call you when I am ready for you.  As per Manor Road, please wear a mask for your appointment.  There will be a hand sanitising station just inside the front door.  Please sanitise your hands and I will take and record your temperature at this time.  I will then show you through to the treatment room, please do not touch anything on your way through.  I will leave you in the room to change.  Please place your belongings and clothes in the plastic container provided and put the lid on before getting onto the couch.

I know all this sounds a bit regimented, but right now it is necessary to keep us all safe.  Once you're on the treatment couch it will be no different to usual, so I look forward to seeing you soon!

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