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Sharon Wheeler began her ScarWork journey over 40 years ago in Seattle, US.  Over that time she has developed a gentle yet very effective way of treating scar tissue from surgery, injury and burns.  In 2015 she decided to start teaching ScarWork to other therapists and the treatment made its way to the UK.  There are currently only two schools accredited to teach ScarWork in the UK.

The treatment itself is a series of light touch techniques with the intention of releasing the tension in scars, improving movement and restoring some feeling where numbness is an issue.  In many cases the appearance of the scar is improved as the tightness is released.


SUBSEQUENT TREATMENTS (UP TO 45 MINS)           £50     

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This scar is a 20 year old suspected melanoma removal.  After just one 45 minute treatment the tension in the skin was released and the indentation where the tissue was taken began to fill.  

This knee scar belongs to a 13 year old footballer and is approximately 18 months old.  After one 45 minute treatment you can see that the tension across the scar has released.  Where scarring causes tension it can restrict the movement of a joint.  Releasing the tissue can reduce that restriction making movement more comfortable.