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Restrictions have now been lifted in England, however I am not changing my working practices.  I will continue to wear a mask and apron to work and respectfully ask that my clients continue to wear a mask for their appointments also.  I am continuing with the additional cleaning protocols and am still allowing an hour between each client to ensure the room is sufficiently ventilated for each appointment.

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Take care and stay safe everyone.

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Massage Therapy

When you mention massage, most people imagine Swedish Massage.  It's flowing strokes relieve tension from muscles.  It can leave you feeling both relaxed and energised.  Perfect for managing anxiety and stress.

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Clinical Aromatherapy

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A lot of people carry their stress and tension in their neck and shoulders.  We all know this.  But did you realise that it can also be stored in your scalp?  Indian Head Massage is fantastic for relieving tension in the head, neck and shoulders.

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